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In a foreknowledge of my years...


In a foreknowledge of my years I might have sighed:

Has it all come to this?

A walking out of doors, another goodbye?


Symbols of a pattern dance before my gaze

And I am unseeing.

Is the end prize emptiness in this tangled maze?


It seems to me now almost a style of life.

It mocking-mirror laughs

And throws down my failures - not woman, not wife.


They lay, gauntlet-challenge, offcast glove -

An old-fashioned style.

And I kick at this loathsome shell, once my love.


The dusk draws on in as the doors shut behind,

And the question unsolved.

So I take leave again, step on into the wind.


(c) Copyright John McNeil, all rights reserved. Apart from the purposes of fair review, this work may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any form, physical or electronic, without the express permission in writing of the author. He may be contacted at jandhmcneil<a>